SWIFT codes of Postbank in Germany

In order to make international payments to Postbank in Germany you have to know the bank´s SWIFT / BIC code.

What do Postbank SWIFT codes look like in Germany?

The SWIFT code consists of 8 to 11 characters (letters and digits) and for Postbank in Germany the SWIFT code has the following format:


  • PBNK - First 4 characters (only letters) - Postbank code.
  • DE - Next 2 characters (only letters) - Germany´s ISO code.
  • Next 2 characters (letters and digits) - location code.
  • Last 3 characters (letters and digits) – bank branch (optional).

SWIFT codes of Postbank in Germany

Find below an extensive A to Z list of the SWIFT codes of Postbank in Germany:

SWIFT code Bank City
PBNKDEFF011 ZVC Postbank Gf FK 11 St. Ingbert
PBNKDEFF012 ZVC Postbank Gf FK 12 Neunkirchen, Saar
PBNKDEFF013 ZVC Postbank Gf FK 13 Dillingen, Saar
PBNKDEFF014 ZVC Postbank Gf FK 14 V?lklingen
PBNKDEFF015 ZVC Postbank Gf FK 15 Horb am Neckar
PBNKDEFF016 ZVC Postbank Gf FK 16 Bruchsal
PBNKDEFF017 ZVC Postbank Gf FK 17 Stahnsdorf
PBNKDEFF018 ZVC Postbank Gf FK 18 Wedel
PBNKDEFF019 ZVC Postbank Gf FK 19 Ipsheim
PBNKDEFF020 ZVC Postbank GF FK 20 Rellingen
PBNKDEFF021 ZVC Postbank GF FK 21 Nauen, Havelland
PBNKDEFF022 ZVC Postbank GF FK 22 Rahden, Westf
PBNKDEFF023 ZVC Postbank GF FK 23 Dorsten
PBNKDEFF024 ZVC Postbank GF FK 24 Br?hl, Rheinl
PBNKDEFF025 ZVC Postbank GF FK 25 Mengen, W?rtt
PBNKDEFF026 ZVC Postbank GF FK 26 Kaufbeuren
PBNKDEFF100 Postbank Berlin
PBNKDEFF200 Postbank (Giro) Hamburg
PBNKDEFF201 Postbank (Spar) Hamburg
PBNKDEFF250 Postbank Hannover
PBNKDEFF360 Postbank Essen, Ruhr
PBNKDEFF370 Postbank Köln
PBNKDEFF380 Postbank Zentrale Bonn
PBNKDEFF440 Postbank Dortmund
PBNKDEFF545 Postbank Ludwigshafen am Rhein
PBNKDEFF600 Postbank Stuttgart
PBNKDEFF660 Postbank Karlsruhe, Baden
PBNKDEFF700 Postbank (Giro) München
PBNKDEFF701 Postbank (Spar) München
PBNKDEFF760 Postbank Nürnberg, Mittelfr
PBNKDEFF860 Postbank Leipzig
PBNKDEFFETR Deutsche Postbank Easytrade Köln
PBNKDEFFXXX Postbank Frankfurt am Main